My Three Favorite Spots in Daytona Beach (plus some new swimsuits!)

I practically grew up in Daytona Beach. These are my favorite spots!

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Confession: I live in Florida and had only been to the beach once in the past year, despite the beach being one of my favorite places; I’ve just been MIA due to being a mom and adulting and all that comes with it. Well, I decided to make an effort to go back, and thought it’d be good to take some pictures and share some of my favorite spots in Daytona for you all while I was there.

For me, one of the hardest parts about visiting a new place is figuring out what parts of that place I’d like to see, especially when I don’t have much time. I have lived my whole life in Orlando and have yet to see all it has to offer, but what I can tell you is that, as a local, these are actually the spots I like to visit. So… if you’re visiting in the Central Florida area, well, first things first, let me know (assuming you are a like-minded lovely lady 😜) so I can meet up with you (seriously)! I hope you like coffee. Because we’re getting coffee. And second, here are my top 3 favorite beach spots in Daytona that I recommend:

Daytona Beach Boardwalk and Pier

No matter what, you’ll want to visit the Daytona Beach Boardwalk and Pier, even if just briefly. This is the spot that Daytona is famous for. There are shops, restaurants, bars, and even a small arcade. There is a cute fair with a ferris wheel and roller coaster if you are feeling brave, haha (I only say that because it’s currently looking like it’s been through a few hurricanes).

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Floral Bikini Top | Floral Bikini Bottom | High Rise Shorts | Chuck Taylor Converse | Floral One Piece

This area is great to just walk around, browse, and people watch. You are just steps away from the ocean and sand if you want to build a sandcastle or actually get in the water (I don’t love actually going in the ocean so much… I’m more about the ocean sounds and the sand between my toes 😉) There is also a movie theater and some great nightlife. It is much busier here than other nearby spots, which really just adds to its charm, but there is still (usually) plenty of space to set up an umbrella, layout, and relax without too much risk of a runaway frisbee crashing into you.

You probably won’t find any free parking around here, but they do have all-day parking lots (about $10-20 per day) as well as some metered spots, too (so bring some quarters).

Wilbur Beach

AKA, Wilbur-By-The-Sea. It is relatively quiet, especially compared to the Boardwalk, has free parking just a across the street from the beach, and it’s extra special for us because it’s the only place in all of Daytona where we can fly our quadcopter without first having to coordinate with local air traffic control.

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Red Halter Top | Red High Waist Bottom | Black Cover Up (only $10!) | DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter

This spot is a special local “secret” mostly because there are absolutely no hotels on this beach… only beachfront homes, which means way less tourists! The only downside is there are no public restrooms near the beach, you can drive a few minutes (or walk if you are feeling the need to get some exercise) to the nearest 7-11 if you need a potty break. And don’t forget to grab a slurpee while you are there! There are some great daily/weekly rental properties in this area if you are looking for somewhere to stay. Check out Airbnb, it’s my favorite way to travel to get the most out of your money (and use this link to sign up and you’ll get $40 in travel credit!).

note: the red high waist bottoms were too leggy for my taste but still very cute, so I’m still linking them above. The bottoms I’m wearing are actually from Victoria’s Secret and are no longer available 😞.

Ponce Inlet

If you are looking for somewhere fun for adults and kid friendly I would say Ponce Inlet is one of the best spots! There are bathrooms and showers next to the parking lot, a beautiful view of the New Smyrna Beach skyline from the shore, a lighthouse, fishing, nature trails, an observation deck and tower, some shaded pavilions, and some great waves if you love to surf. It’s a really great place to play, explore, and relax.

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Black One Piece (my favorite!) | Black Cover Up (only $10!)

If you have a small adventurer on your hands there are some large jagged rocks that could be dangerous if they choose to climb them, but also quite fun (and they look cool in pictures, too)! If you’ve got your own fearless climbers like I do and would rather not have to pull out the first aid kit you can walk just a little further so you aren’t near all the rocks. This is definitely my favorite spot in Daytona (and I’ll be going back hopefully next week when it warms up again)!

Oh, parking is $10 for the day here in 2018 and the park opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. They do accept credit cards, so you shouldn’t need to carry cash.

Wear Your Sunscreen + Self Tanning

When I was younger I thought I could tan like all my friends. But instead I just got 2nd degree sunburns, sun poisoning, and scars on my back and shoulders to prove it.

So, now I wear obscene amounts of sunscreen and apply self tanner. I’ve been using Vita Liberata’s pHenomenal self tanner in “Medium”, smoothed out with their SPF 50 self-tan dry oil (be careful of the dry oil rubbing off on things though). The tanner really works well for me, and it does last a while (but definitely not a full 2-3 weeks). It says it is “odorless”, but it’s not… though it’s not quite as potent as others I’ve tried. My husband actually said he’s starting to like the smell! Haha. For my face, I use a blending brush from e.l.f. which works waaay better than a hand or the mitt.

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Vita Liberata pHenomenal Self Tanner Mousse: Fair | Medium | Dark

Tanning Mitt (any tanning mitt will work)

Self Tan Dry Oil SPF 50

e.l.f. Ultimate Blending Brush for applying to my face

My New Hair Care Discovery

David actually saw someone somewhere on the Internet recommending It’s a 10 leave in treatment for thin hair, like mine, and randomly bought it and their hair mask one day.

It. Is. Seriously. Amazing.

After the first time treating my hair with the hair mask (which takes about 15 minutes and makes for a great reason to take an extra long shower) the next morning my 5 year old said something like “Your hair is very soft” while we were snuggling in bed!

But seriously… this stuff actually works, at least for me. And as a bonus it makes your hair smell really good.

Just look at it!

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It’s a 10 Leave-In Treatment | It’s a 10 Hair Mask

Give me reasons to take more fun pictures here in Florida!

I’m still feeling pretty new to blogging, so if you love this style of post and pictures, or even if you hate it, let me know in the comments below, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you may find me.

If you want to live vicariously through me, or just need someone to go scout out a spot here in Florida before you visit, let me know where to explore next and I’ll take pictures and write about it.

p.s., always wear your sunscreen.

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