KaiKini Bikinis & Treasure Island, FL

David surprised me with matching bikinis for me and my daughters then took us away for a mini vacation!

Pinterest Icon Expand ImageKaiKini Bikinis & Treasure Island, FL

Matching kinis from KaiKini in Mint Chip Calypso
I’m wearing the Mahina top and their new Mana Scrunch bottoms – Use code JESSICAKINI at checkout for 15% off!

Aloha! Lucky you – you’re getting two posts in one this time: New Bikinis and a Mini Vacay Recap!

The Amazing Kinis!

First, let’s talk about these cute bikinis:

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Pinterest Icon Expand ImageKaiKini tushies at the beach
Matching kinis from KaiKini in Mint Chip Calypso

The Surprise

So, a few months ago I just casually flashed my hubby a photo on Instagram of a mom and her daughter in their matching swimsuits. They were so adorable! And, as usual, he took a mental note of it and looked into the brand and what it would take to make it happen for me. So, for our 10th wedding anniversary my hubby surprised me with the cutest matching bikinis for me and both our daughters from KaiKini!

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My suit was literally custom-made specifically for my body. David found my most recent fitness measurements (you gotta track your progress, ladies!) and sent them everything to make sure it would be the perfect fit. They emailed back and forth to make sure everything would look and feel just right and even helped him choose the best style for me based on things like my bra size and fit, torso length, tushy coverage I prefer, etc!

Pinterest Icon Expand ImageKaiKini tushies at the beach
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The Fit

I think I’ve tried on over 100 swimsuits this year alone, nearly all of which don’t fit well, so I was certain I’d have to put these down in my “cute-but-don’t-quite-fit-right-but-I-can’t-just-throw-clothes-away” drawer (I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this). Surely the top and bottom can’t both fit, right? But these fit even better than perfect, if that’s even possible!

The top was actually made just for me and it really feels that way. I might just end up living in it, it’s that amazing! No really. I might order some more of these tops soon to use as a sports bra or maybe just an every day bra.

Pinterest Icon Expand ImageKaiKini Mahana top detail
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageKaiKini Mahana décolletage

The bottoms have just enough coverage for my liking and don’t constantly give me a wedgie which is a big deal! I need to be able to run around after the kids without having to pull things back into place all the time. And these bottoms Actually. Stay. Put. Even when running around after my two year old while she attempts to conquer the ocean.

Oh, and another super awesome feature: they’re reversible, it’s like having four bikinis in one!

The Discount!

During all the customization and back and forth emails David just asked if they could give my readers and friends a discount code since he knew we’d already post pictures of the suit and that they are on the more expensive side. So… they sent us one! You can use the code JESSICAKINI for 15% off your order! And just to be clear… I don’t get a commission or anything if you buy a kini and use this coupon code. I really do just like them this much!

I’m wearing Mint Chip Calypso in the Mahina top and Mana Scrunch bottoms, but they have a lot more styles and colors to choose from and they are all custom made specifically for you. They also have one-piece styles (for kids, too!) that they’ll customize to fit your bust size (A-DDD), torso length (AMAZING!), bottom size, and you can even choose the bottom coverage amount. You can get full coverage, cheeky, or even the “teeny” bottoms – if you’ve got the confidence to rock it (you go, girl)!

The Adventure!

I recently wrote in one of my Instagram captions that one of the things that I love about trying to regularly post to Instagram in beautiful or interesting locations is that it pushes me to experience new things. So when my hubby gave me and my girls these swimsuits, I just got the itch to do a little exploration. I really wanted to find a nearby beach we hadn’t been to before that offered crystal clear water and white sand. My search brought us on a short 2 hour road-trip to Treasure Island, FL. We found a decent hotel that was on the beach and had a pool (not all of them we looked at have pools :-/ ) just a few days before our adventure and off we went!

Pinterest Icon Expand ImageTackling the ocean - 1 of 3
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageTackling the ocean - 2 of 3
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageTackling the ocean - 3 of 3

Day 1

We first explored the beach, it was a nice walk across the football-field length of sandy beach before the water (the kids loved that they could run around like headless chickens without any cars or people in their way). Once we got to the water I was slightly disappointed – there was a ton of seaweed that made the drama queen come out of me and I couldn’t bring myself to get further than my toes in the water. Our youngest, Jemma, however, LOVED it, more stuff to play with. Our oldest, Cadence, sided with me – she played in the sand while we tried to get some pictures where my face didn’t show my feelings. I was wearing the most comfortable bikini ever and with my favorite people so certainly I could put aside the slimy seaweed and enjoy that being my only problem, rough life!

Pinterest Icon Expand ImageSeaweed!
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageShe fought the sand and won - 1 of 2
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageShe fought the sand and won - 2 of 2

Once the kids had enough (and David got enough photos) we headed to the pool! Having a pool to jump into while at the beach is THE BEST, it’s so refreshing and the kids can run around and give me a break since there aren’t waves that can drag them into the depths of the sea.

At sunset we ventured back to the beach and it was so beautiful. The sky lit up with pinks and purples I forgot existed – I wish pictures would do it justice, take me back! After the picture-perfect sunset we headed back to our room to make some dinner and watch a movie before finally putting the kids to bed (waaayyy too late).

Pinterest Icon Expand ImageBeautiful sunset
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageBeautiful sunset

Day 2


So we went to find caffeine. We ended up at this great coffee shop called Addicted to the Bean in John’s Pass, which looks like a great place to explore and shop. It had several boutique shops and restaurants but we were there a bit too early and the coffee shop was the only thing open. We will have to go back the next time we visit!

Pinterest Icon Expand ImageBuilding sandcastles on mommy - 1 of 2
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageBuilding sandcastles on mommy - 2 of 2

Next up we lathered on the SPF 50+ and headed to the beach. I couldn’t believe the difference in the water since the day before. The seaweed was gone and the water was clear and so PERFECT – I actually got in it! My oldest daughter got her first lesson in flying the drone and captured some great moments!

Pinterest Icon Expand ImageWearing KaiKini bikinis in the ocean
Me, in the ocean – a rare sight.

Pinterest Icon Expand ImageTreasure Island, Florida beach from above
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageRelaxing on the beach in Treasure Island, Florida from above
Yup, my 5 year old took these!

After enjoying the beautiful water we headed over to a giant inflatable water slide that happened to be on the sand between our hotel and the water. I took both girls on it even with Jemma crying not to go (she can pull tears out of nowhere even if it doesn’t actually scare her), they both ended up loving it! Daddy gave up his turn on the slide so Cadence could enjoy it a few extra times. It was a great addition to our vacay fun! We then headed back to the pool to spend the rest of the day swimming until the girls were all swimmed out, which takes a lot for our water loving ladies.

Pinterest Icon Expand ImageCadence running in her KaiKini bikini
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageJemma's staring at the ocean

We had barely left the hotel when Jemma fell asleep (she usually refuses to nap in the car so it’s kinda a big deal). So we went for a quick drive-through run for more coffee and some food before heading home. It was the perfect little getaway for our little family!

We have battled traveling with Jemma (our 2 year old) – she sleeps so good at home – but the two trips we have taken her on were so exhausting for all of us, since she doesn’t want to sleep anywhere but home. I mean, I don’t even know how she survived with so little sleep, I know I felt like I was back to the first few weeks after having a baby! The thought of sacrificing sleep for a vacation just doesn’t sound fun. Buuuut… we decided one night away would be enough that if she didn’t sleep we’d be ok, it was just one night. I’m calling it an “experiment vacation” because we could have just as easily driven home after our day in Treasure Island, but we needed to know if we should travel more with her, wait until she is older, or leave her with family and just take our 5 year old (she is THE BEST traveler). It was a great experiment and Jemma did well and we might just take her on our next adventure… MAYBE!

Pinterest Icon Expand ImageFloating on my pineapple pool float
Livin’ the life (this thing took FOREVER to inflate)!

If you want to know more about these kinis or Treasure Island ask me about them in the comments below, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you may find me!

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