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The Collaboration

KaiKini creates custom-fit, handmade swimsuits and I've loved mine ever since David first surprised me with matching sets for me and my girls last year! The fit of my KaiKini suits are all perfect, because they were made specifically for my unique body. It may seem strange that the way a swimsuit feels against my skin gives me confidence and makes me feel like I can tackle anything, but that really is the way these swimsuits feel when I wear mine.

At the start of this year I sent an email to Taryn, the owner of KaiKini asking if she'd like to collaborate somehow. She then had the idea for me to design my own mix of patterns for a new suit. With unlimited possibilities, it took David and I months of iterating on designs before finally submitting something to Taryn. And as soon as we sent it over we wanted to change it! So we did, and this is what we came up with in the end!

Get a glimpse behind the scenes on my Instagram story highlights from the campaign.

About the Collection

I wanted to create something that reflects my being, my energy, my soul. I’m always striving to live outside my comfort zone, to become the next best version of me, never able to settle for who I am right now.

People like to say things like “accept me as I am” or “don’t try to change me”, like the person they are now is the best they’ll ever have to offer. I don’t subscribe to that. The people I place in my life are people who will encourage me to grow, challenge me to know and love myself, and even correct me when I’m wrong.

I do what I do so I can hopefully inspire others to make the world a bit more beautiful, just by living in it.

I know that a pink flower and a pineapple printed on a bikini will never really convey my message. But maybe I can inspire someone to find courage, to step out of their comfort zone, to love others, or to love themselves a little more.

How to Buy

The suit is sold only at You can Design Your Own suit, choosing top style, bottom style, and/or one-piece (all customized to fit you). Or if you'd like to order the exact style of suit I'm wearing you can do that too (also customized to your exact measurements)!

You'll get 15% off all suits (any design, not just mine) by using the links below! (Or just apply code JESSICAKINI at checkout)

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