Disney is My Happy Place

My dad used to take us to Disney as a child and I've loved it ever since

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When I was in about middle school my Dad started working at Disney. That meant I got to go to Disney whenever I wanted, as long as my mom could get me and my friends in (there was a time that you didn’t need an ID for your family members, anyone was allowed). From that point on I have always loved the Disney experience, not just the rides, but the fellowship and laughter it always brings. When I got older I brought my boyfriend with me to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival with my parents, it was just as fun, even more than I had remembered. Sharing my happy place with him brought our relationship to the next level (plus we were hanging out with my parents so that was a new stepping stone). I have now been married to that boyfriend for 9 years! That’s the magic of Disney! haha.

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Disney has since changed their rules, and asking my Dad to let us in to Disney just doesn’t work anymore (LAME!). About 3 years ago my in-laws suprised our whole family with annual Disney passes – they thought they were doing it for their grandkids – not knowing about my secret love for all things Disney! My love for Disney grew, watching our daughter light up over all the new and exciting experiences brought us so much joy and excitement. It made me feel like a kid again! There were weeks in that year that I would go several times a week… some think I am a little crazy, but I love to be there. The following year we didn’t renew our passes since I was pregnant, and it is crazy expensive for not having the energy to go and then taking a newborn didn’t seem like a good idea. When we did get Disney passes again, it was just as exciting. There is something special about sharing my happy place with my husband and two daughters that brings it to a whole new level of happy!

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