Date Night Outfit

David surprised me with a new outfit and a date night

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My sweet husband surprised me this morning with a date day along with two new outfits, accessories and a new camera (we have wanted one since Cadence was born!!!). It all started because I said that I liked the look of a fitted leather/pleather jacket over a month ago so he went on a jacket hunt and went over board (no complaints here) haha. I have the most thoughtful husband, thank you David Murdoch for keeping me on my toes! I love you!!!

He arranged a sleep over for our oldest, and for my sisters to watch our youngest. We headed out to International Drive to try the Escape Room and take pictures (with our new Nikon!) by the Orlando Eye.

The jacket is from Express. And it’s awesome. The oversided shirt, bag, and neckless is from from Misguided. The sheer black deep-v tee is from Urban Outfitters. Shoes from Just Fab. Rings and bracelet are from Forever 21. And the watch was from Amazon. He even got me undies from MeUndies.

And last but not least, I got two bras from The Little Bra Company. I had never heard of them, and I’m not sure how David found them, but they fit sooooo perfect on me… which has never happened before. They specialize in petite-sized bras, and since I have a 28” underbust, that means the smallest band from the big stores (a 32) couldn’t possibly fit right. Not knowing what size I was, he just ordered them in every size! Seriously. I’ve got like 16 bras here.

All in all, it was an wonderful surprise and such a fun and relaxing date night.

Sorry I didn’t put links to anything, if you reaaallyyy want direct links comment on my Instagram photo (since I don’t have a comment system for the blog yet) what you are looking for and I’ll get David to find the links. :-) XOXO

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Pinterest Icon Expand ImageWindblown hair by the Orlando Eye
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageFlat lay of my surprise date night outfit
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Pinterest Icon Expand ImagePretending to be a model ;-)
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