Christmas in Philly

Our 3 night stay in Philadelphia over Christmas

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Last year we decided that we wanted to start a new family tradition and give our two kids (and us) an adventure for Christmas: 4 days in someplace new to enjoy each other, make memories, and not have a million people to visit. For our first family adventure we visited Niagara Falls (the Canadian side); it was such an amazing trip (though it was possibly just as exhausting as it was amazing). This year we decided to adventure in Philadelphia. Philly has lots to see and do, had a decent chance for a white Christmas, and was a quick two hour flight (these things matter when traveling with a 1 year old).

We arrived on Christmas Eve to find that the airline thought it wouldn’t be a big deal to leave one of our suitcases in Orlando for a few hours. Well, the thing is that my hubby had all his warm clothes in that suitcase. Oh, and diapers (for the baby, not my husband). After Ubering from the airport to our Airbnb David walked to get some essentials (like diapers and toothbrushes) just in case our luggage never arrived. Keep in mind that it was 35 degrees… and he was still dressed for Florida (have I mentioned how much I love him?). We were stuck until our luggage arrived, since Floridians walking around in 30F without warm clothes for too long would probably kill us. One of the things about the city that is different from Orlando is that there are restaurants and shops on every block. So we found an Indian place right across the street and had an early dinner before heading back to our place to wait for our luggage (it was delivered around 9pm, and I kinda wish all our luggage was lost and then just delivered like this).

Pinterest Icon Expand ImageWatching the kids open presents Christmas morning
Pinterest Icon Expand ImagePacking for our trip to Philly for Christmas
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageJust a kiss for my love

Christmas day was beyond perfect! We woke up and let the kids open their presents (just a few since the trip was the gift) and right as they finished up we looked out the window to see snow falling! It honestly felt unreal… like a movie. The timing was so perfect. It melted as it hit the ground, but that was all the Florida folk needed. Then it was off to the city to find the LOVE statue. After Google Mapsing it (people say that, right?) and walking in circles for probably a half an hour, we finally found out that it’s gone. Seriously. What? Oh well.

My hero, (I mean David), then found the best, most festive, and possibly only open restaurant in the city, The Plough and the Stars. They had a ginormous real Christmas tree, toasty fireplace by our table, crafts for the kids, and some really great food. Only two blocks over was the Blue Cross Riverrink Lodge, which is a cabin with games, comfy couches, fireplaces, an ice skating rink, coffee, hot chocolate, and little bon fires.

Traveling with little ones can be hard, but Christmas day was like a dream.

Pinterest Icon Expand ImageThe Plough and the Stars
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageFire by the Riverrink Lodge
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageWalking around downtown Philadelphia

I’m just going to be real with you: Jemma, our 1 year old, is so much fun… but she absolutely hates traveling and cold weather. She is our independent adventurer; she wants to walk everywhere, and wants no help from us. When she doesn’t get her way, which is often, she can be rather terrifying. Haha. Oh, and if you mention the word “hat” she will probably scream… she would rather freeze than wear a hat. We even had a passer-by roll their window down yelling at us to put a hat on her! Thank you to our Airbnb which kept us sane! Cadence (our 5yo), on the other hand, is the best traveler. She was so patient, happy, and helpful the majority of the time. Maybe Jemma won’t make the cut next year… just kidding!

One of my favorite things about Philly is how boutiques, salons, restaurants, cafés, and apartments share the same buildings on the same blocks pretty much on every corner. The best part was probably the diverse restaurants… oh, and the coffee. Yes. Let’s talk coffee!!!! Coffee is definitely my thing – and Philly has got coffee down! It’s not just the taste but the atmosphere, lighting, cozy chairs, the whole coffee experience (minus the whining children… Jemma). When traveling I like to find the best coffee shops and take any suggestions our fellow coffeeholics might have to offer.

Okay. I think it’s time for coffee pictures:

Pinterest Icon Expand ImageCappuccinos and Croissant
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageMenagerie Coffee
Pinterest Icon Expand Image<3 Macchiatos!
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageLittle Spoon Café
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageCoffee is life
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageOrange juice and coffee. A balanced breakfast.
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageSipping coffee
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageCadence pretending to drink coffee
Pinterest Icon Expand ImageJemma pretending to drink coffee

And now to plan next year’s Christmas adventure!

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