Bok Tower Gardens

A Quick Adventure to The Singing Tower

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After traveling I get inspired to take more little adventures near home – to visit places that are just a short drive away. We’d heard of Bok Tower Gardens from friends who had visited, but had never been ourselves. The garden is less than two hours from Orlando and was so worth the drive. We got there with plenty of time to walk around and explore. It is a great place for a day date or to spend time with family, there is plenty of room for the kids to run wild and yet such a peaceful environment. We took a leisurely walk to the Tower to find dozens of others just relaxing and listening to the tower music (the tower itself IS an instrument!).

The whole place actually reminded me of the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, where people just sit and relax, watching their kids run around and play, drinking wine, and snacks. There were some people just reading a book and others just sat and admired the beauty around them.

We then headed to the Bok Tower playground. There is a whole section of the garden built just for kids. Cadence got to climb, paint, dance on the stage, swing in their hammocks, and play all sorts of instruments. They have jungle gyms, a splash pad, obstacle courses, paper and crayons, a stage with costumes, and more! It was so fun!

Since we really wanted to get some golden hour shots by the tower we walked back up the hill to that section of the garden one more time to take some pictures and enjoy the sunset. The view was incredible! We will definitely head back in the spring when more flowers are blooming!

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